CBD oil in the fight of Virus and Bacteria

Can Cbd Oil help in the fight of virus or bacteria? Some research actually suggest that YES it can.

As early as the 1950’s studies were done on Tuberculosis and the use of cannabis, and remember at that time, cannabis, and hemp were illegal. There is not a lot of info on this study available, but don’t you find it interesting that they did research this at that time. More info as I find it will come.

Currently researched discovered that 2 cannabidiols CBD and CBG showed significant effects on the MRSA bacteria. It actually killed the bacteria, and the summery of the study shows that CBD could be a huge player in the future of antibiotic resistant drugs.

It is worth noting that the CBD showed effects only when used topically, and although CBD taken internally has been shown to boost immune systems, it showed no significance impact fighting these strains.

So with all that being said we are starting to see a possible use of CBD in treating ulcers and wounds in the hospital setting, and I believe that wound care especially in diabetic patients could be a huge next step in the process.

Once again, more research is needed, and as with any CBD use, do your own research and be careful in applying CBD oil and salves to infected areas, use proper germ prevention procedures.


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